The names of the “Abu Ali” gang… Details of luring a citizen from Sanaa and killing him, and looting his cars and personal weapons


The “Abu Ali” gang lured a citizen from the Bani Hashish district in Sana’a governorate and looted his cars, his “Janbia” and his personal weapon after killing him with more than 14 bullets.

Security sources said today, Sunday, that the Sana’a Governorate police were able to uncover the mystery of an unknown murder against the victim, Jamil Nasser Shaathan, 43 years old, in the Al-Raqq area in the Bani Hashish district.

She added that, through investigations, it became clear that the perpetrator of the crime had looted the victim’s car, a Toyota four-wheel drive “Shas”, and what was in his possession of a weapon, a machine gun, a Saifani side and a hood was looted.

The sources confirmed that the police managed to identify the perpetrator, “Abdul Qader Hamid Nasir Abu Ali” -33 years old – who lured the victim, killed him, and looted his car and weapon.

According to the sources, the governorate researched that members of the Abu Ali gang are: Ali Abdo Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Khalidi, 31 years old, Yahya Muhammad Nasser Rassam Al-Nahmi, 35 years old, and Hamid Nasser Saleh Abu Ali, 50 years old.

Where the first accused, called “Abdul Qader Abu Ali”, was arrested, along with the accused, Hamid Abu Ali, in a hotel in the Sukhna District, Hodeidah Governorate, while the rest of the gang members were arrested in Sana’a Governorate, and the looted items were recovered.

The sources indicated that the accused gang leader, Abdel-Qader Hamid Nasser Abu Ali, has a history, and he was previously arrested more than once for committing theft crimes and is being released by the Houthi prosecution as he is close to the Houthi leaders.

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