The next step for the Houthis after the fall of Marib..and the disclosure of the only party that prevents militias from controlling it


A member of the Yemeni National Dialogue Conference expected the Houthi militia’s next step, if its wish for the city of Marib to fall into its grip was fulfilled.

A member of the Dialogue Conference, Mana’ Al-Matari, said in an interview with Al-Hadath TV: The Houthi militia is trying to delude the international community that its entry into Marib will be the gateway to peace, stressing that it will reject all forms of dialogue and sit at the negotiating table.

Al-Matari warned against the international community’s inaction regarding the Houthi militia’s escalation in Marib, noting that it represents the gateway to the southern governorates.

He pointed out that Iran will not abandon the Houthis, because it considers Yemen a gift that it has received from heaven and cannot be neglected, or accept to be at the negotiating table on the nuclear agreement.

Al-Matari stressed that the National Army and the coalition will break Iran’s arrogance in Marib and Yemen, and the Yemenis have seen the impact of the militias’ attack on Marib and its role in moving the rest of the fronts.

On the reason for the delay in the movement of the rest of the fronts, Al-Matari said: The legitimate government and the coalition have committed to reducing the escalation in response to the international calls.

It is noteworthy that the Houthi militias began to demand a halt to the escalation, following the movement of the fronts of the western coastal areas, despite their continued attack on the city of Marib.

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