The Obeida tribe announces a final position on the battles in Marib and the Houthi militias’ control of the city


The Ubaidah tribe, along with a number of Yemeni tribes, announced their final position regarding the Marib battles, in light of the Houthis’ desperation to control the city of Marib.

The tribes pledged, in a statement issued by them, to defend Marib, and not to neglect it, no matter what the sacrifices.

The statement warned against joining the Houthi militia, or cooperating with it, stressing the wasting of the blood of those who beg themselves to cooperate with the militias.

Below is the text of the statement:

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

To all the tribes of Yemen From this standpoint, we pledge to God that we are on the path of the martyrs, we are going to defend Marib, we will not neglect the Marib governorate, and we feel that everyone is wild. The wise have to firm up their positions and control any pervert who organizes with the Houthi and leads over the Ma’rib governorate unless he bears the blood of our children from the beginning of the war until the day of decisiveness. The liberation of every inch of the governorates of the Republic of Yemen * in solidarity * with * and providing the national and religious duty…

Issued by the Forum of the sons of his servants and the tribes present in the ranks of legitimacy to defend Marib // Ma’rib

Issued on 10/29/2021

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