The opening of a new project for the largest camp for the displaced in Yemen with Saudi funding


Al-Jufainah area in Ma’rib Governorate in northern Yemen, which is considered the largest area of ​​displacement in Yemen, witnessed the opening of a new school with a capacity of more than 2500 students to provide primary and secondary education in morning and evening shifts.

The school, which was inaugurated by the King Salman Relief Center (a Saudi relief center) and the International Organization for Migration, and called it Al-Jeel School, will include the affected students in the area, including the residents of Al-Jufaina and the residents of the western part of the city of Ma’rib; To provide education for the primary and secondary levels, in morning and evening shifts, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The school covers an area of ​​14,000 square meters and consists of 18 classrooms, including two chemistry and physics laboratories, a computer lab, and several offices for teachers and administrators.

The head of the mission of the International Organization for Migration, Christa Rottsteiner, said: The school will contribute to the continuation of the educational process of children after their education has been suspended for a long time..

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