The people of Hadramout continue their disappointing draws for the Jamahiriya in the Yemeni league


The people of Hadramout fell into the trap of a fourth draw in the fourth round of the first group matches of the Yemeni Football League 2021/2022 against Shabab Al-Jeel, with a goal for a goal at Seiyun Stadium.

The people of Hadhramaut are searching for themselves after three draws that disappointed their masses.

The people entered the match forcefully and without preliminaries, imposing their control by taking over the middle of the field, where the goalkeeper of the generation Ali Masoud blocked the header of Imad Mansour in the 18th minute, and Masoud starred again when he prevented in the 25th minute a popular goal after the complete isolation of the Shaab striker Majid Basloum.

The people continued to squander opportunities with a new opportunity through Ahmed Miqdad with a powerful shot that crossed the goal of the generation and then the Hadrami people tried to score, but those attempts went too far on goal.

In the second half, the youth of the generation strengthened their confidence in the middle of the field, and the people of Hadhramaut continued to possess and threaten their goal, but the alternative, Muhammad Saleh Al-Haddad, and from the first touch in the 60th minute, was able to score with the goal of placing the people of Hadramout in the field of progress with a goal in order to achieve the first victory, but the joy of the people of Hadramout did not last when The response of the youth of the generation came after striker Youssef Sultan followed a cross in the people’s penalty area and put it in the net, equalizing the result of the match in the 69th minute and sources of the people’s progress.

After that, the people of Hadhramaut entered a race against time, but time passed quickly on the two teams, amid demands and protests from the two teams for calculating two penalty kicks for the two teams, and the people’s attackers continued to waste opportunities until the end of the match in a tie and with the success of the youth of the generation in confiscating the first victory of the people!

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