“The people of Ibb” survived the relegation with a precious victory over “Al-Jeel”


The Shaab Ibb team survived relegation and ensured its survival in the elite clubs, by defeating Shabab Al-Jeel on penalties 3/4, after a positive draw with two goals in the meeting that brought them together, yesterday, Thursday, at the Olympic Stadium in Seiyun, as part of determining the identity of the relegated team to the League grievances.

The stubborn team had occupied the bottom of the standings of the second group, while the youth of the generation were at the bottom of the table of the first group, so that the two teams resorted to a play-off match to see the remaining team and relegated to the second division.

Returning to the course of the match, specifically in its first half, the character of excessive caution prevailed in the first ten minutes, due to the sensitivity and importance of the meeting, with a relative advantage of Al-Shababawiya, which was countered by counter-attacks by Blue West Coast.

The 14th minute carried the joys of the Shabaouia, after they scored the goal of progress, by Ali Al-Harawi, who took advantage of Darbaka in the depth of the generation’s defenses, to put the ball into the net, and after only two minutes, the international referee Amin Radman awarded a penalty kick for the generation, and expelled the stubborn defender Essam Al-Awni, for deliberately touching the ball with his hands Youssef Mohamed successfully executed the penalty kick, and the match resumed from the starting point.

Despite the numerical shortage in the stubborn ranks, they continued the ineffective offensive tide, realizing the repercussions of losing the chance of their survival among the adults. On the other hand, the generation relied on the hope of dangerous rebounds throughout the minutes of the first half, which ended with a one-to-one tie.

In the second half, the performance of the generation improved a lot compared to the first, and it was more dangerous than the stubborn one, who missed the physical factor due to the numerical shortage, and the absence of a number of his players between injuries and suspensions.

Substitute Ahmed Nasser was Fal Khair, coach Jilawi, Ahmed Ali Bin Ali, after he scored the goal of progress and staying at the same time, after breaking the offside trap from the left side, and he was singled out by Al-Shabawi goalkeeper Ali Al-Amri, before smartly winking the ball into his net in the 73rd minute.

The people tried to return in the result to maintain their pride, but Al-Faraj scored the goal of the amendment in the last breath of the penalty mark, which goalkeeper Ali Al-Amri confidently shot into the net, so that the two teams resorted to kicks of luck that smiled at the stubborn one.

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