The Prime Minister affirms: What is happening in Yemen does not bode well for signs of a ceasefire


In an interview with the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Ahram, published today, Wednesday, Prime Minister Maeen Abdul-Malik confirmed that what is happening on the ground in Yemen does not bode well for signs of détente or the possibility of approaching a ceasefire, due to what the Houthis are practicing.

Moein said that “what the Houthi coup d’état is currently practicing is expanding their war on the people and their regions, launching a parallel economic war against them, consolidating the separation of the national economy, continuing to arrest political opponents, journalists and opinion holders, committing crimes against their rights in detention, and carrying out mass executions against them.”

He continued, “All these actions, some of which I want to represent only, do not indicate that the Houthis are approaching the option of peace, but rather they are getting further away from it with the passage of time.”

Abdul-Malik stressed that international pressures are not enough to compel the Houthis to “lead the path of peace. The absence of the Houthis’ desire for peace does not need to bother to understand its cause. It is very simple. The absence of this desire is a reflection of the nature of the movement that was founded and nourished by absolute violence.”

He pointed out that “the US efforts are stalled as a result of the intransigence of the Houthis, which requires thinking about finding real and firm means of pressure from the international community.” He considered that the battle in Marib between the Yemeni army and the Houthis will “to a large extent” determine the course of the war in the country.

He said that the Houthis were neither “serious nor honest” in all previous attempts and rounds of negotiation, adding that they were “performing a function to serve the Iranian agenda.”

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