The process of removing the Houthi garrison “Baisa”


1- Al-Houthi’s arrogance, arrogance and arrogance increased after condoning Biden and Riyadh’s initiative for a comprehensive solution, and his determination to loot Marib’s gas and oil increased.

2- Al-Houthi injured Saudi Arabia’s pride with missiles and marches, and insulted America’s pride by repelling its attempt to get close to him with offensive words, by occupying and looting its embassy, ​​and arresting its employees.

3- Al-Houthi fluffed his feathers like a peacock after “positioning” Hodeidah.

4- Thus, it became clear that the Houthi “baisa” was a protector and must be removed.

5- Saudi Arabia intensified its bombing of Hezbollah and Quds Force sites, missile stores, and marches, in support of all fronts.

6- The Saudi effort must have required American satellite information.

7- The Yemeni forces set out in Mocha (which bears several names), liberated and advanced on two axes: to the Al-Adeen Triangle, Hays Al-Jarrahi, towards Ibb, and to Al-Barah, towards Taiz.

8- The days of removing the Houthi “baisa” are bad days for the peacocks that fluffed their feathers.

9- For all Yemenis, they wish that there was after the removal of the “baisa” and after the removal of the “baisa”, because the time has come.

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