“The Prophet” directs “Houthis” to release a “lone prisoner” awaiting millions of Yemenis!


Hundreds of Yemenis have ridiculed the Houthi rebels’ claims of love for the Prophet Muhammad, and exaggerated celebration of him, while refusing to release the only captive who matters to millions of them; In reference to the salaries of state employees cut off for five years.

In individual sarcastic appeals, they called on the leaders of the Houthi militia to celebrate satiating hungry bellies before celebrating with paint and pieces of cloth that fill the streets, but they do not become fat and do not suffice from hunger.

They warned the Houthis of a dire end as a result of the grievances they are committing against state employees in Sana’a and the governorates under their control, despite the availability of hundreds of billions of riyals of oil, tax and zakat revenues.

Observers and those interested in the Yemeni affairs stressed that Yemen needs a new initiative that brings joy to thousands of state employees whose salaries have been cut off for more than four years. militia.

They pointed out that the time has come to launch an urgent appeal to the United Nations, the UN Security Council and the countries of the Arab coalition in support of legitimacy, to quickly oblige the recognized government and the Houthis to pay the salaries of state employees that have been cut off for more than five years, which has resulted in the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

About one million and two hundred thousand employees suffer from extremely difficult humanitarian conditions; Following the interruption of their salaries for more than five years, in light of assurances that the President of the Republic, Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, Prime Minister Dr. Moeen Abdul-Malik and the leaders of the Houthi militia have agreed to complete a decisive agreement for the payment of salaries, unless the militia supplies all revenues to the Central Bank of Yemen in Aden, which it rejects. Houthi militia.

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