The real goal of the Houthi militia is to target civilians in Marib with ballistic missiles


Field sources in the Marib governorate spoke of ethnic cleansing operations perpetrated by the Houthi coup militia, to reach its main goal in this war, which is to obliterate the Yemeni identity.

The sources confirmed that the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia is carrying out ethnic cleansing in Ma’rib Governorate, as part of the militia’s actions against Yemenis with the aim of cultural genocide.

The sources pointed out that the militia’s first goal is to obliterate the Yemeni identity and convey the ideology of the Iranian dynasty, noting that the killing of people by an ethnic minority with ballistic missiles is only to terrorize and subjugate the majority.

It is noteworthy that the Houthi militia targeted, with a ballistic missile, the house of Sheikh Abdul Latif Al-Qibli Nimran, one of the most prominent sheikhs of the Murad tribe, in the Al-Amoud area of ​​Al-Juba district, south of the governorate, killing and wounding 13 citizens, including a child.

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