The Republic is on a date with a new and decisive victory, and “Marib” is the title of its resistance


Mareb Republic, Mareb, the Earth is a symbol of our civilization

Mareb man is a mixture of honor and dignity and whoever turns his heart and desires towards it, Mareb, our kiss in the sanctuary of freedom and liberation from the Imamate priesthood and racism, Mareb, by its resistance to the Imamate project, exposes the allegations and statements of bias towards the republic, on its pure soil the believers are bound by the monotheism of God, equality for humanity and dignity for every Yemeni

Marib is our sacred battle, which is the separation between freedom and slavery, between dignity and humiliation, between truth and falsehood, between steadfastness and defeat.

All major cases are subjected to severe tests with which truth is distinguished from falsehood in which the principle is established, and the foam goes like bubbles on the way to vanishing

All nations that defended their dignity paid a heavy price

The United States of America almost broke up and Washington, DC fell, in the war against slavery and racism, and freedom and equality won

There is no just cause that has not been paid for, and there is no people who have not made sacrifices for their freedom and independence and the removal of injustice.

And the might

Marib, which represents the genie of the republic and all the free people of Yemen in the army and the resistance, and in every Yemeni heart, conscience, and tongue, every free and generous person has chosen the path of victory

And the way to victory does not come with sayings and claims that it only brings sacrifices, perseverance, suffering pain and working out miracles.

There is no victory without the trouble and falling of withered leaves that were not irrigated with the water of dignity and pride

Marib with its men and those belonging to its cause (the Republic) will have the honor of restoring the Republic

Marib does not turn to betrayals or conspiracies and does not lament that she only believes in her cause and knows the way to reach it

The project of death and slavery that al-Houthi carries as a seed of annihilation in his gut did not leave land or human beings without a bloody wound.

Al-Houthi directed a bullet to the chest of every Yemeni and poured a tear of humiliation and refraction from the eyes of every mother and wife

He danced on the homes of Yemenis that he blew up, accumulated wealth from the people’s sustenance, and snatched their morsels from their hungry mouths.

How can the project of death, hunger and humiliation live and live except in the cemeteries of death that the sons of Yemen are sent to in order for his dynasty to rule Yemen, even if it became a desert

He drinks blood and feeds on people’s poverty and pain

The project of death and slavery is impossible for him to find a land in which to reside, so how can he win in the land of Yemen, which is known for fighting invaders and tyrants

The Republic is on a date with victory when Marib is the title of his resistance.

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