The resignation of a senior leader in the Southern Transitional Council


A prominent leader in the Southern Transitional Council submitted his resignation from his position.

The head of the Technical and Research Department of the Transitional Council, Saeed Obaid Al-Jamahi, submitted his resignation from his position.

In his resignation letter, Al-Jamahi said that among its causes were many obstacles that hindered the work of the center.

The message stated:
President Commander / Aidarous Al-Zubaidi. President of the Southern Transitional Council, Supreme Commander of the Southern Armed Forces After greeting,,, Subject / resignation, I present to you this resignation after nearly four (4) years of my presidency of the Decision Making Support Center, where I made all my efforts to establish the center first, and then bear the burdens of operating it, In the most difficult stage, and without a budget, I made use of my private center for half a year (January-July 2018 AD) to be the headquarters of the Decision-Making Support Center, without specifying any budget for the center, like the rest of the departments and bodies of the Transitional Council, and then after you agreed to grant the center a quarterly mandate to run Work, the center kept using the headquarters of the Al-Jamahi Center for Studies and Research with all its furniture, purposes and equipment, and I was buying some supplies for the work of the center throughout that period, and as permitted by the financial covenant spent by you..

Brother President … I discussed with you the problems of the center and you promised a sufficient budget, but it has not happened yet!! And you raised the needs of the center, which for years has not had its own computer!! And you know that I was chosen as the head of the center after your insistence on that, and my approval of respect and appreciation for you and the service of the cause of our people for which we all struggle – and we will continue to fight… From the beginning, I submitted to you a proposal to change the name of the center, which was according to the statute (Decision-Making and Support Center), but you did not You agree with all the labels presented, and after about a year I was surprised that you deleted the waw from the label, so it became (Decision-Making Support Center) and I did not discuss that with you in this title (Support and Decision-Making), because of which a whirlwind of interpretations and targeting against me arose, including; I will be in control of the decisions and directions of the Council! I did not pay attention to everything that was said in order to reach the common goal, and the success of the Council was and still faces many obstacles in the work of the center, its management and its development, and I have been constantly raising them to you, but no change has occurred … and there is no room here to review all those problems and obstacles, which are ignored by the before you. It seems to me after all these years that I am unable to continue bearing these burdens, that is why I submit my resignation, wishing you success and success… • The resignation includes all other appointments, including – the presidency of the Technical Committee for Studies and Research – the membership of the crisis management team.

It is noteworthy that Al-Jamahi, who belongs to Hadhramaut Governorate, is a researcher and expert in the affairs of Islamic and extremist groups, and has many researches.

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