The resistance fades, but it does not go out


On Mount Novan in Mikhlaf Samah – Atma Protectorate – in which I lived on the first trip of displacement, and every morning I was with some cousins ​​and neighbors from the highest peak in it to watch and hear the war that the militia had made in the area, specifically in a very small geographical area in which men are entrenched The resistance in the district of (Atma) Dhamar, led by the parliamentarian Sheikh / Abdel Wahab Mahmoud Moawadeh, who arranged with the rest of the resistance symbols the resistance row and prepared all of them with the strength they could.


Over the course of about a month, the black line turned into an exclusive carrier of massive reinforcements for the militia, whose barbarism and fire did not stop. Indeed, one day – a testimony that God gave – that the militia’s artillery and machine guns did not stop for about 18 hours, which flattened the area of ​​Dhaka Dhaka and was unable to make a hole in the area. The Great Wall of Resistance, which demonstrated legendary stubbornness, and inflicted heavy losses on the enemy in lives and equipment, and bears witness to that black line, which was also carried by the parades of the dead, which were carried by buses to Anas and the city of Dhamar.

The militia imposed a suffocating siege on the resistance of Atma in its small spot, and many of the wounded died, and militia reinforcements came in, and the capabilities of the resistance became scarce to let them down from the official authorities, and some of the directorate’s symbols colluded with the militia. After that, they joined the Atma Brigades in Marib Sarwah, led by Brigadier General Sadiq Moawadeh, and some of them joined other fronts, continuing to defend the nation, the religion and the state, offering the most amazing heroism and the greatest sacrifices.

The previous introduction was nothing but an affirmation that the Yemenis were and will not be an incubator for the Persian Imami militia, even if that militia perched for hundreds of centuries. Until, and with certainty, by the permission of her Lord, it will rise again, uprooting the cancer of the Houthi leadership forever.

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