The sad (Arab) professor


I make no distinction between a head of state and a hairdresser.

I highly respect everyone who dedicates himself to the performance of his duty, whatever his profession or position, and in the same way I despise those who despise all or some of the professions that make life life, mutual benefits, and common interests.

Can a head of state or even a non-head of state look good without a barber or a clothes designer, be in good health without a doctor, be safe on himself without a security system and protection men, relying for his food on a skilled cook, and even on clean men to make his environment livable ?

There was a restaurant waitress in London, I’d go there and be gone for years, years (all) but as soon as I’m back, she comes up to me and asks ‘Do you still like your favorite dish? Fish with salad?’.

Several years ago, I dealt with an Arab barber in London, and I discovered that he is more aware, moral and valuable than many Arab (doctors) and intellectuals.. He does not lie, does not hypocrisy, does not steal.. He relies on the scissors that he holds between his fingers to earn his livelihood with honor and honesty. He provides for his family and extended family in his country.

Ahmed, a model for the Arab who did not find a country in his country, so he decided to emigrate, and settle in a foreign country.

Ahmad does not accept any increase, even a small one, on his wages. He pays the taxes prescribed on him regularly, and does not violate any of the laws of the country in which he lives.

I told him, why don’t you talk about politics like the rest of the barbers who require barbershops to have some knowledge of politics in order to entertain their customers during their barbering operations? His answer was that he does not know the political leanings of his clients, is he right-wing conservative or left-wing extremist, religious or secular or atheist, and therefore why would he lose a client?

I usually go to Ahmad’s salon after calling him and making an appointment, and as soon as I get to his salon he sits me down on the chair and says to his many clients who come without an appointment, “This guy has an appointment!”

Only today I learned that Ahmed holds a (PhD) degree from an Arab university.

There is another example .. When I was working as an office manager for one of the Arab channels in Sudan, it caught my attention that some of the taxi drivers who were hired to deliver me kept copies of most of the newspapers with them in their cars, and I discovered in the end that they (professors) had high degrees of education, but they were unemployed. !

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