The Saudi crown prince was successful in finding a political solution to the Yemeni crisis


The Saudi crown prince was successful when he linked the political solution to the Yemeni crisis to the three references in his meeting with Mr. Sullivan, the US national security official.
This link constituted a strong response by the Coalition to Support Legitimacy to all the jurisprudence that predicted a vicious solution, which these references contained foundations for building a state that achieves peace and stability and guarantees the right of people to decide their political choices.
The turbulent situation needed such clarity in the situation, especially after the Houthis and Iran believed that they had created new facts on the ground for which the Yemenis paid dearly, which means that Iran’s insistence on employing the Yemeni crisis in its own battle has been recognized by the international community to And that the Biden administration, which initially overlooked this fact, has remedied it after the facts recorded more than one position condemning the thuggery of the Houthis and its refusal to peace in response to the orders of the Iranian regime, which insists on mortgaging peace in Yemen with its own multi-objective agenda.
If the political path to resolving the crisis has been given such clarity and vision, this must be accompanied by rebuilding the confrontation strategy in a way that makes this path an irreversible option.
How is it?
It is a review station.. in which matters are put on the table, especially as the curtain has been closed on all the bets that heralded a settlement outside the three references!!

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