The Saudi Royal Air Force ignites the western fronts of Ma’rib a while ago and hits the militia in killing


In the early hours of Thursday, the fighters of the Arab coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen launched several air strikes, on the western fronts of Marib (eastern Yemen).
Military and field sources said that the coalition aircraft targeted, a short while ago, several raids, the sites, gatherings and mechanisms of the Iranian Houthi militia on the Al-Kasara and Al-Mashjah fronts, west of Marib.
According to the sources, the fighters targeted Houthi reinforcements and armored vehicles in the Serwah front, west of the governorate.
The sources confirmed the burning and destruction of the mechanisms of the Houthi militia, in Sirwah, al-Kasara and al-Mashjah, and the killing of a number of armed militia members.

The sources pointed out that the militia was planning a major military battle on the western fronts, coinciding with the ignition of the Harib fronts in the south of the governorate.

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