The scene of the war that Marib summarizes


War has words as soon as they are uttered, but they are heard with their pronunciation: a cannon strike, the sound of bullets, the screaming of the wounded, victory shouts, or all of those things combined. The words of war have the impact of strength, weakness, morale, shock and decisiveness. “War has a language and peace has another language.”

Therefore, no war has passed upon mankind without carefully choosing its words; Whether it is by falsifying facts, lying or war propaganda and discouraging “psychological war” against the opponent, and talking here about choosing the words of war is not just a celebration of it; Rather, because it treats our inner front and raises the morale, and keeps the soul vigilant from the intrigues of defeatist words made by the enemy and his supporters and his Facebook cells and his electronic flies and who are very, very keen, and “We have spoken, warned and published, and no one responded to us,” and some “mohavs” that permeate In the soul, it tends to feel, and then tends the body to moral defeat, tranquility, meekness, and final surrender.

The media, journalist and political elites, intellectuals and every republic are free against the Houthi terrorist militia; Each of his Republican Guards, they should take into consideration the selection of their words, on the basis that we are in a state of war and that we have the security of entering the minds of the people, the heroes of the national army, the fighters and the resistance fighters, so we do not let them down and we fail our language by choosing words that do not raise determination, do not intimidate the enemy, and do not intimidate the enemy.

Wars are not resolved only by loud battles, and if that was the case, the armies would not have placed the principle of propaganda or psychological operations within their principles of war, and this principle of war, in order to be effective, must choose and choose the appropriate words for it and also fight the words that negatively affect the resisting national effort.

“The mainstay of war,” said Napoleon, “is the morale,” that is, the morale of the citizens; Basically, because the most important thing in wars is related to morale, as cannons and weapons do not change people’s thinking and behavior, but what does this are the words, ideas and art that embody slogans, raise morale and achieve a sure victory, and of course this requires choosing words that have an impact such as the impact of battles; She smells the scent of her gunpowder from behind the phone screen, because of her excessive strength and the severity of her might.

Today, the whole scene is summarized by Marib with its loftiness, grandeur, pride, arrogance, and sacrifices of its heroes from the army, security, resistance and tribes on its various fronts. And its free men, they are the ones who will liberate Sana’a and Saada for a long time or a short time, and it will be nothing but the certain liberation, God willing.

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