The Secretary of the Governor of Aden predicted his death hours before the terrorist incident


Activists on social media circulated the last publication he published hours before his killing, the press secretary of the governor of Aden, Ahmed Lamlas, the journalist Ahmed Bu Saleh.

Activists said that Abu Salih published verses predicting his death. The publication published by Abu Salih stated:

The days, the situation, and the people betrayed me

And everything in my world has become a traitor

I walk with my steps

My path is bumpy, thorny, and all ambushes

A world without value, meaning and scale

Loyal ones live as hostages

Liar who told people to people

For the benefit, they became our customers

This time he piled up his trash like a tramp

All deception, charge and grudges

Loyalty is as rare as diamonds

People act as debtors and creditors

The journalist Abu Saleh was killed in the bombing that targeted the convoy of the governor of Aden this morning.

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