The signature of “Al-Zubayri, the giant of freedom and the pioneer of Yemen’s flowering” in Taiz


Today, Wednesday, the Culture Office in Taiz Governorate organized a book signing ceremony for the book “Al-Zubayri…The Giant of Freedom and Pioneer of Yemen’s Flowering”, authored by Prof. Dr. Fouad Al-Banna, under the patronage of Taiz Governor Nabil Shamsan, and Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Muammar Al-Eryani.

The event coincides with Taiz’s celebrations of the 59th anniversary of the September 26 revolution, documenting through the book the biography of one of the leaders of the revolution and symbols of freedom and struggle in the history of Yemen, the martyr Muhammad Mahmoud Al-Zubayri.

The Director of the Culture Office, Abdul-Khaleq Saif, said that the event is qualitative for the office, and seeks to immortalize all national symbols in the history of Yemen, pointing to Dr. Al-Banna’s intellectual value and the richness of his scientific production.

In his speech, the author of the book, Dr. Fouad Al-Banna, valued the official sponsorship of the book signing ceremony, reviewing some of the patriotic stances of the martyr Al-Zubayr, and the motives for writing the book that coincide with the war waged by the Imamis against the Yemeni people, stressing the need to document the biography of national symbols, and support writers and intellectuals.

In a reading of the book, presented by researcher Abdulaziz Al-Assali, he reviewed the division of the book, which consists of 7 sections, in addition to the importance of the book and the newness of the book, which is located on 215 pages.

While Abdul Karim Al-Khayat continued to present the book, giving a brief overview of each topic, and some titles from each topic, describing the book as a rich and new version of its kind, which is characterized by ease and abstaining, with a balanced combination of high literary style, intellectual richness and information density.

The poet Muhammad Noman al-Hakimi presented a powerful poem describing al-Zubayri and the September 26 revolution, which impressed the audience, on the oil company hall in the governorate’s temporary headquarters.

The book is the publication of the Islamic Thought Forum, located in the city of Taiz, and is the 42nd edition of Professor Al-Banna’s printed literature, which is distinguished by the richness of intellectual production and the diversity of his books, some of which were printed locally and others abroad.

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