The situation is out of control… and violent battles are now taking place between the army and the Houthis in six governorates


Since Sunday evening, violent military battles have erupted between the National Army forces backed by the popular resistance, the Houthi terrorist militia, in six Yemeni governorates.
Multiple military and field sources said that the military situation got out of control, after military confrontations erupted on more than one front.
The National Army announced that its forces, with the support of the popular resistance, were able, during the past hours, to thwart the offensive attempts of the Iranian Houthi militia on several fronts, south of Ma’rib Governorate.
The army said in a statement, that the battles that took place on the southern fronts in Marib in the past hours, resulted in the killing and wounding of many members of the Houthi militia and the destruction of their vehicles and equipment, by the fire of the army and resistance heroes in separate locations.
The fighters of the Arab coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen, in turn, launched several air raids targeting military sites where the Houthi militia and reinforcements are stationed on the southern fronts of Marib.
In Al-Jawf, military sources said that confrontations with various types of heavy and light weapons erupted between government forces and the Houthi militia east of the city of Al-Hazm, the center of the province.

The sources confirmed that the battles are now at their most intense between the army and the Houthis, amid continuous progress of the National Army towards the center of Al-Jawf Governorate, and a major collapse in the ranks of the Houthi coup militia.
The Southern Transitional Council revealed sporadic military battles between the joint government forces and the Houthis, during the past hours, on the fronts of Al-Dhalea and Thra in Abyan.
A military statement from the STC said that the clashes that took place in the Al-Dhalea front, were concentrated in the Bab Taghloq sector and spread to other sectors.
He stressed that the government forces were able to thwart an infiltration attempt by the enemy Houthi militia elements on the Thara front in Abyan governorate.

In Taiz Governorate, the terrorist Houthi militia targeted with its machine guns residential neighborhoods in Jabal Habashi, and behind the targeting, an elderly woman was killed.
The militia also bombed with artillery shells the village of Al-Kuwaiha in the Maqbna district, seriously wounding Talfa as a result of being hit by an artillery shell.
Shabwa governorate is the last to witness violent military battles between government forces and the terrorist Houthi militia in the Safra front in the Bayhan district, west of the governorate.

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