The Southern Transitional Council closes a human rights organization in Aden


Jurist Anis Al-Sharek, head of the Monitor for Human Rights, revealed that the Transitional Council has closed the institution he runs.

And the partner explained in a post on his Facebook page, saying: “The closure of the Al-Rased Institution by the Transitional Council monitored and followed up, and we touched on the Waddah Hall prison in Goldmore / Aden and what is happening there, and the Fifth Brigade prison in Lahj, and we stood with the victims and families of the victims and our rejection of enforced disappearance, violations and torture In Waddah Hall and the Fifth Brigade.”

The partner added that: The disclosure of the whereabouts and fate of some of the forcibly disappeared was the main reason for the arrest of the Monitor for Human Rights, and under the guidance of the Presidency of the Transitional Council in this file, we chose the difficult path, and I was aware in advance that the price and the bill would be great, including threats, distortion, incitement, and so on.

The partner said: “We could have monitored and documented silently, as many do, but we chose the difficult path to stand with the victims and the families of the victims in a difficult stage like this, in which there are no state institutions, no judiciary, and no observing courts. During the past two months, some members of the Transitional Presidency Council and leaders of the Transitional who They were upset by the closure of the institution, such a directive and a decision, but all attempts and sane and moderate voices failed, so the voices rejecting such an approach were the loudest.

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