The Southern Transitional Council issues a statement on the murder of the murdered “Atef al-Harazi”


The official spokesman for the forces of the 9th Sa’iqa Brigade of the Southern Transitional Council denied that any of the soldiers and members of the brigade had committed the crime of killing the late Dr. Atef Al-Harazi.

Bashir Al-Kalouli Al-Subaihi said that the crime of killing Al-Harazi is a criminal crime related to banditry and interruption and has nothing to do with politics.

He explained that the statement of Doctors Without Borders International indicated that Atef was killed by armed robbers during a private trip to the city of Aden.

He pointed out that the crime scene is not within the control of the forces of the 9th Brigade of the Southern Transitional Council, and that the tragic incident occurred between two military points, one of which belongs to the Fourth Brigade of the Mountainous Infantry of the legitimacy led by Abu Bakr al-Jaboli, while the other belongs to the Second Brigade Giants led by Hamdi Shukri, as he put it.

The murder of Dr. Atef Al-Harazi raised the Yemeni public opinion after he was killed while returning from Aden after buying a car.

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