The stall in Al-Bayda


We said beforehand that what happened in al-Bayda and against the sons of al-Bayda raises a number of question marks about all parties, especially legitimacy.
Especially since everyone realizes that the victory of al-Bayda will constitute the completion of a large percentage of the comprehensive liberation process.
Therefore, the yawning attitudes towards the white people and the white resistance raise a lot of exclamation marks.

We will not say that the delay in the liberation of al-Bayda has anything to do with the rivalry of this province with the priestly imam.
We will not be certain that the historical events and the conflict
With the masters and generalists Aljaroudia to do with it.

But I am certain that the sons of al-Bayda do not want an army to liberate their land, but rather they need support and supply lines..securing the back and the available financial resources sufficient to move forward and achieve great victories.

I think that the leadership of legitimacy realizes that the hurricane that will devour the Houthis and hasten the demise of the Iranian project forever, will be born from the womb of the central regions of Yemen (Al-Bayda – Ibb – Raymah – Atma – Wasab – Jabal Ras) and will be a strong and solid bond for Marib history and the republic. These areas were not incubator for the Houthis And Iran’s project is one day, but it is a fertile ground for the project of the federal state of Yemen. These areas are within the scope of an authentic republic that belongs to its origin and identity. All tribes will play a positive and courageous role alongside their brothers, the heroes of the national army, the joint forces, and the popular and national resistance. From these areas, the process of liberating the Yemeni governorates located Under the control of the Houthi coup and in a short time.

Al-Bayda governorate has been for decades and is still confined to the angle of classifying the previous regimes of Yemen to blackmail the West under the name of fighting terrorism. The first Houthi movement after its coup against legitimacy in 2014 was towards Al-Bayda governorate under the pretext of fighting terrorism artificially by parties and people who wanted the West, as we said, and also wanted to restrict the incubator that rejected the rejectionist project. The sons of al-Bayda subjugated them to their exclusion and marginalization and forfeiting their rights in all fields, and like her, Rima, who faced deliberate exclusion and marginalization for decades, especially after the events of the seventies, when the intensity of the military campaigns at the time was broken. Some sheikhs were shed to enslave the sons of Ibb and imposed the reality of dependency in the governorate and took her share as well. Enough of the pain of deprivation for decades.

All of these regions are eager to establish the foundations of the federal project of Yemen, which will create justice, equality and do justice to all.

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