The start of a judicial revolution against the Houthis in the Ibb governorate is a “document”


The judges, in Ibb governorate (central country), raised the badges of civilization in preparation for the final strike, in protest against the increasing Houthi interference in the work of the judiciary, up to the attacks on judges.
Judicial sources told “the Yemeni scene, that the judges’ raising the green badges in Ibb governorate comes after the increasing process of attacks and threats against many judges in the governorate by Houthi leaders, the most recent of which was the attack on Judge Shamsan Al-Deeb, who holds the position of President of West Ibb Court from The Houthi leader, Majed Al-Tineh, who is impersonating the director of the Zakat Authority in the governorate, accepted.
The sources added that the Houthi leader Al-Tineh threatened to overthrow Judge Al-Deeb, after the latter issued rulings banning developments on the campus of one of the colleges affiliated with Ibb University.
The sources confirmed that the Houthi leader Yahya Al-Qasimi tried to bridge the rift between Al-Tina and Al-Deeb, but the latter did not bear the insults from the former, which prompted the latter to raise the green badges in the West Ibb Court, to demand the rescue of laws for everyone and to refer everyone who assaulted the judges to the prosecution without mentioning the names in A reference to the punishment of the Houthi leader Al-Tina.

The “Yemeni Scene” obtained a document announcing the judges of the West Ibb Court, which included raising the green badges for a period of five days, starting from today, until their legal demands are met to investigate anyone who obstructs the implementation of judicial rulings and judges’ orders.

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