The steadfastness of Al-Abdiyyah breaks the Houthi attack during the past hours… and the legitimate government is crying out!!


Field sources in Al-Kasara district, north of Ma’rib governorate, reported that the Houthi coup militia tried hours ago to infiltrate the positions of the National Army and the Popular Resistance, and it was confronted and its members were abused.

The sources confirmed to the “Yemeni Scene” that the National Army and the People’s Resistance, during the past hours, repelled a group affiliated with the Houthi militia that tried to infiltrate the army’s positions on the Kasara front, noting that the militia suffered other heavy casualties, while the army’s heroes seized their weapons.

On the other hand, other sources confirmed that the confrontations calmed down somewhat on the Abdiya front after Maghrib yesterday, until the Houthi militia launched a violent attack on the Jahla front.
The sources stated that the heroes of Al-Abdiyyah broke the attacking Houthi patterns and were abused to withdraw and return to their positions.

In addition, Rajeh Badi, spokesman for the legitimate government, was surprised by the international silence regarding the Houthi siege on the Al-Abdiya district, and asked: “Where is the humanity, where is the UN envoy, where is the Security Council? Is there no more humanity or an ounce of conscience?” These civilians have nothing to do with the war being attacked. Al-Houthi denies them food and medicine, and it is said that there is war, which war is this, women and children, where is the world, why does it not move to deliver medicine and food to them for about 20 days?!”

In turn, Foreign Minister Ahmed bin Mubarak stressed that the militias prevent the arrival of food and medicine, prevent the evacuation of the wounded, and target the Directorate with ballistic missiles and all kinds of heavy weapons. He called on the United Nations and its agencies to urgently intervene to save the lives of civilians and end the brutal siege and condemned it.

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