The story of the redeployment in the West Coast and the destruction of the Houthis


From the first sight of the redeployment of the joint forces, I am sure that this brave step taken by the leadership of the joint forces and the Arab coalition will have harsh and painful results for the Houthis on fronts outside the arms-restricted areas; Determined by the international mission sent by the United Nations.

I had not expected that the Houthis would receive severe blows after the redeployment process was completed, but the Houthi militias in Hodeidah hastened their fate, and they wanted to make of this step a victory for them, so they avoided a humiliating defeat.

The story of the redeployment of the joint forces is as follows:

The Joint Forces Command informed the brigade commanders of a sudden redeployment, and at a time when no skirmishes were taking place with the Houthis, at first the redeployment was gradual from (Al-Hodeidah and Al-Duraymi to Al-Jah).

Instead of the Houthis implementing the (Stockholm) agreement, and withdrawing from the area specified for them, they gathered everything they could and entered the sites where the joint forces were stationed in (July 7 District, Sanaa Street, Kilo 16, Al Mandhar neighborhood in Al Hudaydah, the villages of Al Durayhimi areas), They entered it celebrating, as if they had freed it with merit and in battle, but their fake joy was muddled by the lack of any dramatic records of the battle, as they were accustomed to boasting; They did not find camps, stores, weapons, equipment and mechanisms in it, and they only found dirt, which was left as a safe area for citizens, and for the sake of humanity.

their supervisors mobilized the radiators; Those who were on the fronts of (Al-Hodeidah, Al-Durayhimi), their other locations, and (Bait Al-Faqih), and all their military power in terms of personnel and equipment to attack the joint forces stationed in (Al-Jah) stalking the arrival of herds of stray militias.

The goal of putting everything they had in (Hodeidah), was to film a battle and make a victory in a video film, but the heroes of the joint forces were on their watch, only a number of fingers escaped from them, and the Houthi herds that advanced met their inevitable death.

Of course, those who remained of the great supervisors who led them from Al-Hudaydah (Ahl al-Bayt), did not participate in the battle; They are more cowardly than that, because their mission is to send others directing their orders from their hideouts, and they went crazy when they heard of exterminating their entire herds!

So they summoned all those they had in the camps in (Hodeidah, Bajil, Marawah, and Salif), and equipped them with their armored vehicles, and a number of tanks and crews, which is their huge reserve in the city (Hodeidah). They reached their next stop, according to plan, in the Majilis area; Which is not far from Al-Jah.

On the morning of the second day, the boys of Erlu, who were freed, arrived, and here the joint forces surprised them with a counterattack to the (Al-Tur) area, an attack that was enough to finish their equipment and equipment; Which the Houthi supervisors depended on, and only a few escaped from them, and as for their vehicles, they were damaged with the appropriate weapon.

The joint forces continued their plan and stage of redeployment and were stationed in Al-Faza, of course after the forces were redeployed in Al-Tuhayta.

On that day, the Houthi supervisors gathered all their personnel and forces in (Al-Tuhayta, and Zabid), and mobilized them to (Al-Fazah and Al-Jabaliya), and there the joint forces did not redeploy after they were present in their positions, reinforced by the forces that redeployed from (Al-Hodeidah, Al-Durayhimi and Al-Jah). It was a bloody night for the Houthis, and I cannot estimate the number of the dead who gathered them in strength; If only one of them escaped, he fled in the deep darkness.

The next morning, the joint forces continued their redeployment from (Al-Fazah and Al-Jabaliya), to the north of the (Al-Hima) area. It will be stationed permanently according to the commands of the leadership, so it was stationed there, after they inflicted heavy losses on the Houthis, in which they were unable to take a single shot indicating their victory, in order to at least preserve the water of their faces in front of their tails.

With regard to the areas from which we went out to be demilitarized sites, the so-called “preventive and cultural security” were deployed in them; To consecrate their priestly thought in the minds of citizens.

They continued to mobilize from (Al-Jarrahi and Jabal Ras), and on the same day contacted their fighters from (Al-Salif and Hajjah), they decided to attack from several directions. The north, and skirmishes in the east, but the heroes of the joint forces were ready for them like lions, so they pounced on them, so none of the intruders or those who entered the boats escaped, so their unclean blood mixed with the soil of the land and sea water, and they wrote to their hidden supervisor: (They went and did not return)!

As for those who tried to attack from the north of (Al-Hima), monsters and heroes of the joint forces rushed to them and chased those who remained to the outskirts of (Al-Ghawariq).

The militias were not satisfied with that loss, but continued to mobilize their fighters to destruction. Reinforcements arrived from (Ibb, Raymah, and Dhamar), and were stationed in (Al-Hussainiya Farms), in Beit Al-Faqih and North Hays. Then, air and ground raids were sent to them to crush them in their places of concentration in Al-Hussainiya, Al-Odain Junction, Some of them reached the mountainous area, and were killed there.

The artillery of the joint forces pounded their reinforcements coming from (Ibb, Raymah, and Hajjah), with focused and precise strikes, causing them to suffer dozens of losses.

And due to the many losses and setbacks that the militias have suffered without obtaining informational material, the northern contact lines opposite our forces have become free from the presence of the Houthis. Because the joint forces crush all Houthi presence in front of their positions.

With this step, the joint forces will have done what the conscience dictates for the sake of humanity, evacuating a demilitarized zone and at the same time, may God grant it to get rid of a large part of the enemies of humanity; Those who were supposed to take a similar step according to the agreement, but their intentions were bad and their souls malicious, and they wanted to be heroes, but all their plans failed and were scattered in vain against the joint forces, and their malice and their hostility to humanity were revealed, so they were defeated by the evil of defeat and lost about (60) %) of their manpower in Al-Hodeidah Governorate, in addition to the equipment and the destruction of most of the reinforcements they brought in from the neighboring governorates.

* Director of the Media Center for the Giants Brigades Forces

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