The strong, only and unorganized Yemeni party that honorably stands in opposition in the Houthi areas!


Veteran MP Ahmed Seif Hashid has been exposed for years, especially in the recent period. To many pressures and threats targeting his freedom, interests, life and the life of his family in Sana’a.

The reason is well known: his political views and positions, and his valiant defense – on behalf of all Yemenis – of private and public rights and freedoms.

This deputy, and a few others. Like Judge Abdul Wahab Qatran. Public opinion leaders… Individuals. But they are better, more valuable, effective and useful than many Yemeni parties.

They are a large, unorganized party that derives its strength from being not affiliated with a foreign or domestic entity, not involved in corruption cases of any kind, and opposing with honor and integrity.

And this party or current, or whatever the appropriate description of it is, is the only party that stands in opposition, and it deserves the honor of this position. In Houthi-controlled areas. Even at the level of Yemen.

My absolute solidarity.

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