The tip of a Houthi aggression in Raymah


When we said that the future of Raymah in particular, and of Yemen in general, with the victory of the project of the federal Yemeni state, represented in ending the Houthi coup and the legitimate control of the entire national territory, implementing the outcomes of the national dialogue and all relevant international agreements and resolutions, we are aware of the danger of Iran’s project in Yemen and the region, and the evidence is abundant.

The Houthi group made Raymah a tourist resort for the Al-Habbari family after appointing a tribal sheikh belonging to the Arhab district, who is loyal to it, Faris Al-Habari in early June 2018, who in turn dismissed the leaders and employees of Raymah loyal to the Houthis or those affiliated with the Congress Party, Sana’a wing, from their jobs and replaced them with his brothers and his group. The appointment of his brothers, Jalal Al-Habari, as the representative of Rima and Hashid Al-Habari, the director of Rima’s security, and Mu’in Al-Habari, the director of traffic in Rima, and Habari, the commander of the Rima brigade, and the last director of the health office, Rima, until the matter reached him to change the directors of the Rima hospitals and replace them with his relatives, in addition to distributing the other offices in the province to Salaleen claiming the right of the family of the house. He brought them from outside the governorate, and they became sheikhs and leaders of Raymah (wretched) who collect and extort their brothers and citizens of their money and their animal and agricultural wealth and pay them to the Al-Habari family, the Jahaf family, the supporter and others, sometimes in the name of the day of so-and-so, and sometimes in the name of effort and other times in the name of convoys of support for their fronts, etc.

The appointment of the Houthi group to Faris Al-Habari as governor of Raymah was to give him the opportunity to avenge the father of Mujahid Al-Habbari, who was sent by Abu Lahoum, the governor of Al-Hodeidah in 1971, to head one of the military campaigns against the Salafi Directorate of the Rima governorate, from which he was defeated and disciplined at the time in the manner of Al-Raymien Al-Aqahah.

I remember that two years ago, a group of sheikhs in Raymah who claim to be masters and from the family of the house, who are from the house of al-Haidari, al-Husni, Jahaf, al-Nahari, al-Ahdal and others, moved to the Houthi governor, Faris al-Habari, demanding that he return the sons of Raymah, especially those belonging to Bani Hashem, as they said to their positions and accommodate them, because their exclusion would provoke the discontent of the sons of Rima. The governorate and they went down to Marib, and Al-Habari said to them sarcastically: (The men of Raymah were the ones who displaced Marib, and the scum who did not benefit from anything except for talking, but the act is a disgrace.

Houthi leaders said that Raymah governorate is an important tributary to the public treasury, the tax fund, and the improvement of zakat, because of its large presence in the free business, commercial and agricultural market. All their crops to the pockets and accounts of the owners of the criminal march.

And other Houthi leaders rebuked Rima Hashemites who demanded positions and accused them explicitly of working for the coalition by telling them sarcastically (we are in aggression, and Raymah opens a new front for us and wants a position). Among those who feel inferiority and try to cram themselves into the Hashemite, governorate agents, military commanders, managers and other Hashemites have been removed from the ranks because of their attempt to belong to the family of the house and claiming that they are from the dynasty.

The sons of Raymah did not and will not be accepted by the Houthis, and the turn has not yet come for them, and the Houthis do not want to open a front in Raymah currently due to its strategic location, which may cause the Houthis to lose the Hodeidah governorate, and the front may reach Dhamar, Sana’a, and Al Mahwit if the Houthis rush to this governorate, and these accounts have a reaction from the results of the governorate’s situation On the list of postponed revenge, but that will not happen, and the Houthi gang will not find the opportunity to catch its breath, the equation will change and the federal Yemen will win.

Finally, the Houthi group decided to transfer Al-Habari from Raymah to the governor of Sana’a. Yesterday, a document was issued by the Hashemites of Saada and Sana’a calling on the leader of the Houthi group not to hand over Sanaa to the Houbari, and Sana’a can only rule it from the dynasty, which made great differences raging within the group during the past days.
Surprisingly, the naive Hashemites of Rima, who competed yesterday to demand the leader of the Houthi group send them a dynastic governor to Rima, such as Al-Hadi or Al-Qahoum, while they hang around here and there without positions or gains.

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