The total human losses of the legitimate forces on the outskirts of Marib during 5 months


Approximately 15,000 religious Hashishites destroyed the walls of Ma’rib in just five months, in the face of nearly 1,200 republican heroes who rose for the sake of dignity and defense of the Sabaean Basin. We are not about joy, but we are going to meditate, how can a man fall down, becoming less than an animal, and how can a man rise up, becoming better than an angel?

How can a wrong idea create shame, and how can a right idea create honor?

What are the most dangerous ideas, and how crazy are they, and what weakens a person against an idea, which he did not adopt, and did not decide in the first place, but was decided for him in advance, and was decorated for him, then the illusion managed to make it as if it was his main idea, his only decision, and his prodigious spirit. I was reminded of this terrible news, the saying of God: “If there are a hundred of you who are patient, they will overcome two hundred, and if there are a thousand of you, they will defeat two thousand.” How is the victory here frighteningly doubled: 1200 versus 15 thousand?!

The concept of predominance in the traditional logic is not consistent with the broad meaning of predominance; Extensive in terms of both senses and morals, this sharp bleeding is a victory and any predominance, a victory and any victory. Here I am speaking with the logic of war, not with the logic of the comprehensive Yemeni, or the rejecting morality, or the sad, sad religious. It was a great victory, and a terrible loss to the enemy, and you should look at this simple calculation, in order to know the extent of the crime of this militia and the malicious mind that drives it:


What does this mean?

This means that the one who was killing one of the Houthis, was not one of the resistance, but we are in the process of breaking eight over zero, meaning that the resistance was in front of locusts of humans, picking them up easily, without any costs, and if the resistance could not lose the shot in front of these locusts To do, but there is no trick except by losing that shot!

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