The truth of the family relationship between “Abed Rabbo Lakab” and the appointed Houthi security director of Bayhan


The Houthi militia’s appointment of Abu Talib Laakab as security director for the Bayhan district caused widespread controversy on social media.

Activists commented that Abu Talib has a family relationship with the commander of the Special Forces in the city of Ataq, Shabwa governorate, Abd Rabbo Lakab.

Where an informed source from Shabwa governorate clarified that there is no family relationship between the two parties.

The source said that Abu Talib La’kab Al-Sayed belongs to the Bayhan district and has no relationship with Abd Rabbo La’akab.

The source added that Abed Rabbo Lakab belongs to the Naqoub area in the Asilan district.

The source concluded that all rumors about a family relationship between the two parties are incorrect.

It is noteworthy that the brother of Abed Rabbo Lakab, commander of Shabwa’s special forces, Ahmed Laakab, announced his death yesterday as a result of the wounds he sustained while confronting the Houthis in the Bayhan area.

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