The “UAE” is trying to convince “Saudi Arabia” that “Saleh” is the man of the hour who can stop the advance of the Houthis


The Arab Policy Forum said that the “UAE” tried to convince “Saudi Arabia” that the late Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh was the man of the hour who could stop the advance of the Houthis.

In a paper reviewed by The Yemeni Scene, the forum clarified that “it is not excluded that the UAE has tried to convince Saudi Arabia that Saleh is the man of the hour who can stop the Houthis’ advance towards Aden. At the same time, however, Saudi Arabia’s rejection of that offer due to its lack of confidence in Saleh, and perhaps due to his high demands and tendency to blackmail, prompted Riyadh to take the difficult decision to launch Operation Decisive Storm as a quick military operation with limited objectives.

He pointed out that the role of the UAE and the stability of its influence in Yemen depends on the understanding in particular with Saudi Arabia, as the latter holds the Yemeni legitimacy card, which can still be used at the appropriate time to weaken the UAE influence, especially since the UAE has created for it many enemies in the past years in Yemen, the Gulf and the Arab region. In general, it needs the Saudi umbrella to avoid the scourge of revenge.

He pointed out that the Emirati role in Yemen is mostly based on fragile tools, as the armed factions loyal to the UAE, some of them are divided and penetrated by opposing regional loyalties and stimulating the internal conflict, as was proven by the confrontations of Sheikh Othman in Aden between the transitional factions (during last June).

He added: A few days before the launch of Operation Decisive Storm, Ahmed Ali Saleh, the Yemeni ambassador to the UAE, presented the son of President Saleh, on a private plane from Abu Dhabi to Riyadh, and despite conflicting information about the purpose of that visit, there is a Saudi version that says that Ahmed Saleh, the former commander The Republican Guard forces, who are included in the UN sanctions list, went to convince the Saudi crown prince that his forces could “turn over” the Houthis if Saudi Arabia enabled Saleh from his money “and other things,” but the crown prince refused.

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