The United Nations confirms the killing of more than 1,400 Yemenis, and reveals the reasons


The United Nations announced that 1,424 civilians were killed in four years as a result of mines and unexploded ordnance left over from the war in Yemen.

The Office of the Representative of the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen said in a statement that landmines and explosive remnants of the bloody war that has ravaged Yemen for seven years continue to kill and maim civilians and pose significant risks to relief workers.

On Twitter, the office called on donors to provide more resources to support demining efforts in Yemen.

Reports of international and local organizations indicate that Yemen witnessed the largest mine laying operation in the land since the end of World War II.

Several thousand mines and bombs planted by the parties to the ongoing war since the beginning of 2015, are scattered in Yemeni cities, in areas witnessing battles between Ansar Allah fighters (Houthis) and the Yemeni forces of the internationally recognized government backed by Saudi Arabia.

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