The United Nations is lying!


One of the most truthful I read decades ago is the definition engraved by a Palestinian writer who summarizes the whole story in the form of a brief dialogue between a child and his father, in which he stated:

What is the function of the United Nations, father?

– Replacing homelands with camps, son.!!

This truth is written with rivers of blood, pain, destruction and massacres, written with the groaning of children and women and the loss of an entire country called Palestine!

We are still living the deception in its details, unfortunately.

Does anyone have a copy of the illusion called the “Stockholm Agreement”?!

Was an agreement signed?

A statement said, “The joint forces that this agreement tied them!!”.

The government said that its representative in the Stockholm Committee was not informed.

The United Nations said that the Houthis had taken control of the “agreement”.

In fact, we are being deceived and sold delusion.

Does any of you have a signed copy of the so-called “Stockholm Agreement”?!

What is worse for nations to drown in illusions?!

In a satirical novel I heard from the able artist Abu Bakr Salem: A young man was immersed in sleep and delusion, and someone woke him up with hurried, panting voices, which frightened him from his sleep:

– Hey Haitham, Haitham, your wife is in intensive care!

He won from his sleep and came out stunned rushing barefoot with his head uncovered blaming himself for how he neglected his pregnant wife.

As he ran, he was hit by thorns and pebbles, and his feet were torn apart, until they bled profusely.

He slowed down and slowly started to come back to consciousness.

But my wife is not pregnant!

His gait slowed down a bit, and he continued to think and woke up from the shock.

– I’m not married at all!

He was astonished, and the questions crowded in his head as he pulled the thorns from his feet as he rested his back on a pillar on the side of the road, escaping from the illusion.

– Even my name is not Haitham at all!!


Who convinced us with an illusion called the “Stockholm Agreement” to lure the government and form a team in Yemeni land that is subjected to the most horrific occupation known to mankind, the #Iranian_occupation?!

Resolution 2216 has not been implemented, and we have not adhered to it. Your attachment to an illusion called “Stockholm”!

Griffiths attended and said he brought close views on three files:

– The full release of the kidnappers (all for all) to take place on January 20, 2019, according to the commitment signed by all parties. For seven days, they only discussed the file of the kidnapped in an extensive step-by-step manner until the date of January 20, 2019 was set as the date for the full exchange, and this did not Complete!!.

– The ports of Al-Hodeidah (Al-Salif, Ras Issa, Al-Hodeidah), and this will be done in conjunction with the first file.

Lifting the siege on Taiz, and it is also taking place in conjunction with the first file!

This is the text of the so-called “Stockholm” agreement, so were the kidnappers exchanged all for all?!

Has the siege on Taiz been broken?!

Why did all the data contribute to the deception of the Yemenis?!

I know that these lines will be met with cynicism and indifference by some, and some may ignore standing at the facts, because they may be numbed by lies, manipulation and falsification of the United Nations!

I also know that government officials neglected our country and our land and allowed strangers to present this country to the table of division, partition and dismantling, and that they do not know until this moment that a kidnapper was killed under torture a week before today, and he was supposed to be released three years ago according to the terms of the agreement.

I also know that someone will wake up after a while screaming in astonishment: Haha Haitham from… My name is not Haitham.

And I write this for history, for days, for heroes.

So that delusions do not deceive us again.

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