The United Nations issues a new announcement regarding the withdrawal of the joint forces from the vicinity of the city of Hodeidah


The United Nations issued a new declaration regarding the implementation of the “Stockholm Agreement” by the joint forces and their withdrawal from the vicinity of the city of Hodeidah, during the past few days.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs confirmed, in an update on the situation in Hodeidah governorate, published on its website, that the joint Yemeni forces loyal to the legitimate government had evacuated their positions in the east and south of Hodeidah, the focus of the Sweden agreement reached in late 2018.

The office said that, “according to field reports, on November 12, forces allied with the Yemeni government evacuated their positions around the city of Hodeidah, including the Red Sea Mills, the 16 kilometer area, the Thabet Brothers Industrial Complex, and Hodeidah International Airport.”

He added, “Yemeni government forces also withdrew from the Al-Durayhimi and Bait Al-Faqih areas, and most of the areas under their control in the Al-Tuhayta district, where they were reported to have redeployed in the city of Al-Khoukha, about 90 kilometers south of the city of Hodeidah.”

He stated that “field reports indicate that the Houthis have taken control of the evacuated areas, including most of the Tuhayta district.”

He described the situation in Hodeidah as “still very volatile, with reports of ongoing violent clashes between Yemeni government forces and the Houthis along the new areas of the lines of control.”

And on the humanitarian impact following the field developments in Al-Hodeidah Governorate, the UN update stated that “according to the executive unit of the Yemeni government for the internally displaced, about 700 families (about 4900 people) were displaced to the city of Al-Khokha, while another 184 families (about 1,300 people) were displaced south to the area Mocha.”

He stressed that “to date, no cases of displacement have been reported within the areas that have come under the control of the de facto authorities (in reference to the Houthis).”

He pointed out that a new site for the displaced, consisting of 300 tents, was established to receive the newly displaced families in Al-Khokha district, adding: “According to what was reported, the Executive Unit for the Displaced is looking forward to establishing another site for the displaced to provide shelter for the increasing number of internally displaced people in the area.”

The joint forces are stationed on the western coast at the points specified in the Stockholm Agreement with regard to the Hodeidah Governorate, after implementing the decision to evacuate the areas governed by the international agreement.

For their part, the Houthi rebels announced the control of large areas of up to 700 km.

Observers considered that the withdrawal of the joint forces is a new trap to lure the Houthi militia, and an entry point to violating the Stockholm Agreement, which the militia has continued to violate on a daily basis since its signing in late December 2018.

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