The weapon used by the Houthis in the battle of Maraq is only used in wars between countries


The racist militias of Abd al-Malik al-Houthi, Iran’s mercenary in Yemen, bombard the homes of the sons of Abdiya with artillery, Katyushas and ballistic missiles.
The wounded are taken to the district’s only rural hospital, and I bombed them to the hospital with a ballistic missile as well.
This terrorism, which no one from the worlds brought except Iran and its private mercenaries in Yemen in particular, is the one who resists and rejects it and sacrifices for it the sons of Abdiya, Marib and other Yemeni regions in length and breadth, but the lead there is in Marib, which has not been subject to criminal gas throughout history, and Iran’s mercenary thinks in Yemen and his gang that he will change history..
The fear is not that you will resist it and kill honorably in defense of your dignity.. The problem is rather the height of humiliation, humiliation and slavery that you surrender and be ruled by this hired slave, the crime bloc and his mercenary terrorist gang.
It is this terrorism that every Yemeni should reject and resist, especially in the areas of influence of this racist wage earner.
Do you realize what it means for the Houthis to bomb a village, a small city, or a popular market with a ballistic missile, this weapon that is used only in wars between countries as the last of the weapons used in them?
He is a war criminal and a lewd killer who seeks genocide.
The Yemenis will one day besiege the slave Abdul-Malik al-Houthi in the last cave in which he is holed up after his Iranian masters abandon him, and they will strangle him with their hands until he surrenders, and they will take his children to rehabilitation centers against the racism that they are breastfed by an adult. Sanaa as a distant point without features, retribution for the weakest Yemeni who killed him in his life saturated with terrorism, crime and murder, and he will not find a slanderer in the country of Yemen shedding a despicable tear for his cheap life, which was a crime in itself..

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