The Yemeni army announces a painful blow to the Houthis in “Al-Juba” a while ago, and the death toll


The Yemeni army announced that a number of Houthi militia members were killed and wounded, with artillery shelling, in the vicinity of Al-Juba District, Marib Governorate.

Today, Wednesday, the Armed Forces Media Center said, “The army’s artillery targeted a gathering of about 30 members of the Iranian Houthi militia in the vicinity of Al-Juba, and all of them were killed or wounded.”

The center pointed out that “dozens of dead and wounded in the ranks of the Iranian Houthi militia were carried out by artillery shelling of the army forces on various fronts of fighting south of Marib.”

The Yemeni army announced this morning a large-scale military operation to expel the Houthi militia from areas in the Juba district, which it infiltrated yesterday.

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