The Yemeni army is making new progress south of Marib, in conjunction with a surprise attack in a new governorate


Today, Saturday, field sources reported that the Yemeni army made progress in renewal in southern Marib governorate, in conjunction with a surprise attack on Houthi rebel positions in Al-Dhalea governorate.

The military media reported to the Al-Dhalea combat axis, the killing and wounding of five members of the Houthi militia in a surprise attack carried out by the joint forces on the militia’s concentration sites in the Al-Thokhub sector, northeast of Al-Hasha district in the governorate, after a continuous relative calm since the outbreak of the Maarib battles.

In the same context, field sources reported that the Yemeni army has made progress on the Umm Rish front and continues to fight violent battles against the Houthi militia in the southeast of Ma’rib Governorate.

The sources indicated that three combat crews and two armored vehicles of the Houthi militia were destroyed in the south of the governorate.

The army forces, backed by the popular resistance, continue to fight continuous violent battles to defeat the Houthi militia on the fighting fronts south of the strategic oil-rich province.

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