The Yemeni army is making new progress south of Marib


Today, Friday, the Yemeni army forces backed by tribes and fighters of the Arab coalition in support of legitimacy have made new field advances on several fighting fronts south of Marib Governorate; According to field sources.
The sources stated that the army forces launched a large-scale attack on the Houthi militia positions in Al-Tabbab overlooking the Al-Khishina camp, from the direction of the Al-Ghail front, on the starboard of the Mala’a area, north of the city of Harib.
The sources indicated that the army forces made progress in the field by controlling a number of sites where the Houthi militia was stationed.
The battles coincided with a series of air raids targeting several Houthi sites, vehicles and reinforcements in the districts of Harib, Al-Juba, and Al-Abdiya.
The confrontations and raids of Arab coalition fighters resulted in the killing and wounding of dozens of Houthi militia members, in addition to the destruction of crews and vehicles.
The southern fronts of the governorate are witnessing the fiercest battles between the two sides, following intense attacks by the Houthi militia several weeks ago.

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