The Yemeni Foreign Ministry begins urgent action regarding the Yemenis stranded at the Polish-Belarus border, “Statement”


On Wednesday, the Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced its urgent action regarding the Yemeni citizens stranded at the Polish-Belarus border.
The ministry said in a statement that it followed carefully the situation of citizens stranded at the Polish-Belarus border, and preliminary information indicates that the number on the border between the two countries is eighteen citizens who hold Yemeni travel documents, and the identities of three others who do not hold passports are being checked, in addition to five citizens detained in Poland. In a stable condition and under medical care.

The statement added that the two embassies in Warsaw and Moscow (the non-resident in Minsk) made unremitting efforts to follow up the conditions of the stranded and detainees, and the ministry directed its embassies to communicate with the relevant authorities in the two countries and to set up a joint mechanism to secure the return of citizens to Yemen in a manner that preserves their safety and end their suffering.

The ministry offered its deepest condolences to the family of Mustafa Muhammad Murshid Al-Rimi, who passed away on the international border between Poland and Belarus as a result of the severe drop in temperatures.

The ministry called on its citizens not to be drawn into suspicious calls for illegal immigration, which poses great dangers to their personal safety, a threat to their lives, and a violation of the laws of other countries.

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