The “Yemeni government” issues an urgent statement regarding the sale of “MTN Yemen” from an Omani investment company


Today, Tuesday, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology in the recognized Yemeni government announced its rejection and non-recognition of the unilateral measures taken by MTN, related to the final exit, stopping the provision of its services and selling its share to another telecommunications company, in violation of the legal regulations concluded between them and the obligations owed. on her.

An official source in the ministry said in a press statement, “We have seen news circulating through the media and news websites about allegations issued by the “MTN” company to sell the company’s shares to a company that the government is not aware of.

The source stressed that the ministry did not recognize any party with whom “MTN” agreed or sold its share to get out of Yemen without consulting or returning to the legitimate Yemeni government and without taking into account the legal obligations to refer to the ministry in any action taken, and thus violate the legal regulations concluded between them and evaded the obligations due.

He pointed out that what MTN had done amounted to evading the payment of legal fees, especially taxes and licensing values ​​for the past period, as well as costing the services that were provided to it without paying its various fees, explaining that MTN received a letter from The Ministry of Communications identified the position of the legitimate government regarding its announcement.

He added, “The random and illegal behavior is in violation of international norms of agreements concluded between telecom companies operating in Yemen and the legitimate government represented by the Ministry, it must have a number of provisions to ensure the preservation of rights between the two sides.”

The source reiterated that the legitimate government will take measures to preserve the legal rights of the legitimate government and protect the Yemeni consumer and network user, as well as not allowing the impersonator of the “MTN” share purchase to work in the land of the Republic of Yemen, considering this in violation of Yemeni laws and the government’s right to pursue him according to Yemeni laws. and international.

The Omani Emerald International Investment Company announced, in a statement published by “Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni”, yesterday, Monday, its acquisition of 97.8% of the shares of “MTN” company in Yemen.

In her statement, she indicated that she will have a new brand, which will be launched in the coming days.

It assured all its subscribers of the continuity of its services without interruption, and that the procedures for withdrawing South African MTN went smoothly, and it will not have any financial or negative impact on the company’s services.

This comes days after the South African international group announced its withdrawal from Yemen, which has been torn by war for years, in implementation of a strategy it announced last year to leave the Middle East and focus on its core operations on the continent.

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