The Yemeni government wins $30 million in an international court ruling


The legitimate Yemeni government won, by an international court ruling, a lawsuit brought against it by the (DNO) Oil Company – Yemen and others.

The government agency, “Saba”, quoted the Ministry of Legal Affairs in a statement saying, “The ruling decided to reject a request submitted by the (DNO) Oil Company – Yemen and others, to cancel an arbitration decision issued in favor of the Yemeni government represented by the ministries of Oil and Minerals, Legal Affairs and Human Rights, on behalf of Yemen, against Oil Company and others.
The statement confirmed that the court upheld the $30 million compensation ruling by the International Chamber of Commerce that was arbitrated in the dispute, in addition to the €200,000 costs of the lawsuit in favor of the Yemeni government.

The statement added that the Paris Court of Appeal fully affirmed the legitimacy of the Yemeni government headed by His Excellency President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, President of the Republic, and rejected any arguments that the implementation of the arbitration award was contrary to French public policy, or was a violation of human rights, humanitarian law or international or European sanctions. She also stressed that human rights, international sanctions and European Union sanctions are part of the French international public policy.

The government was represented in this case by the Ministries of Legal Affairs, Human Rights, and Oil and Minerals, in cooperation with advisors, the international law firm Clyde & Partners, according to the agency.

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