The Yemeni passport is ahead of two countries, and an Arab country ranks first in the world


The UAE passport ranked first globally after new gains to the balance of visa exemptions.
And the “Passport Index” website said that the UAE passport raised its balance to 159 exemption points.
The UAE passport is far behind the New Zealand passport, which ranks second in the “Passport Index” index, by 7 points.
According to the global index, the UAE passport balance rose to 159 exemption points (104 countries without a visa and 55 countries on arrival), while only 39 countries need a visa.
According to the index, the New Zealand passport still retains the second place with 151 points, followed by the passports of Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, South Korea and Australia with 150 points, and in the fourth place, which includes the passports of the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Austria and Luxembourg with 149 points. point, while the passports of 5 European countries in addition to the United States occupy fifth place with 148 points, namely France, Belgium, Portugal, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.
The following is the ranking of Arab passports: Qatar is in 43rd place with 93 visa exemption points, followed by Kuwait in 46th place with 87 points, Bahrain in 50th place with 81 points, Saudi Arabia in 52nd place with 78 points, and the Sultanate of Oman in the center 53 with 77 points, Tunisia in 58th place with 69 points, Morocco in 56th place with 62 points, Jordan and Algeria in 70th place with 57 points, Egypt in 73rd place with 54 exemption points, Lebanon in 77th place with 50 points, Djibouti in 78th place with 49 points, Libya, Sudan and South Sudan combined in 81st place with 46 points, Yemen in 86th place with 39 points, Syria in 88th place with 38 points, and finally Iraq in the penultimate position with 34 points, visa exemption 89, and Afghanistan At the bottom of the list in the 90th and last place with 33 visa exemption points.

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