The Yemeni Scholars Association issues a new fatwa regarding the salaries and weapons of the Yemeni army and the popular resistance


The Yemeni Scholars Association issued a new fatwa regarding the salaries and weapons of the Yemeni army and the popular resistance.

In a statement, the commission confirmed, “It is not permissible, according to Sharia, to leave the national army and those with it from the popular resistance without salaries and qualitative weapons to defend their religion, homeland and nation, and the leadership of legitimacy represented by the brother President of the Republic, Marshal Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, must provide everything they need from that and make deals.” armament, and those who are able must do so.”

And it renewed its condemnation of the continuous aggression by the Houthi coup militia against Yemen in general and the governorates of Shabwa and Marib in particular, after it became a haven for millions of displaced people as a result of the crimes of the Houthi militias.

The statement pointed out that repaying the aggressor against religion, self, honor or money is a legitimate duty on everyone who is able to defend his religion, self, honor and money, and the criminal Houthi coup militia has assaulted these necessities.

The leadership of the legitimacy demanded the movement of all fronts, and the call of the Yemeni people to the general mobilization.

The Yemeni Scholars Association indicated that the Houthi militia’s aggression against the governorates of Shabwa and Ma’rib and their residents is a true embodiment of sin and oppression, and a complete absence of religious and moral scruples on the part of these militias involved in killing and destruction.

The commission invited businessmen and money men and all the able people of the Yemeni people to jihad with their money in support of the National Army and the Popular Resistance, and relief for the displaced in Marib and all regions of Yemen.

The Yemeni Scholars Association stressed the necessity of uniting the ranks of the people of Yemen in the face of the Houthi coup militias and the conspiracies being hatched against the Arab and Islamic nation.

Military sources had said that the delay in disbursing the salaries of the army and security forces, in light of an open war, is a “conspiracy,” seeking to break these forces, and the matter does not require speculation and analysis.

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