The Yemeni team loses to its Kuwaiti counterpart by two goals without a goal


The Yemeni youth team lost to its Kuwaiti youth counterpart 2-0 in the match that took place on Monday evening in the first group competitions of the Earthlink West Asian Youth Championship held in the city of “Basra” in Iraq.

The start of the first half of the match was monotonous during the first quarter of the hour, lacking technical glimpses, and playing randomly without focus and confined to the center of the field, and it was a slight advantage for the Yemeni team, despite its poor attempts, but it tried to reach the Kuwaiti goal, which started with an attempt in the 25th minute passed over the crossbar, followed by a strong ball To the Yemeni player Abdul Rahman Al-Shami in the 28th minute I went abroad and the two teams continued their modest performance and did not rise to the required technical level, so the half ended in a negative tie.

In the second half, it was better than the first, after the Kuwaiti team entered to change the result and win the match points, and this was achieved in the 48th minute, and from a penalty kick, Fahd Al-Ajmi scored the goal of progress for Kuwait, through the method followed by the Kuwaiti coach. The Yemeni player Hamza Mahrous missed a goal to realize The equalizer in the 53rd minute while he was in the six yards area, and facing the Kuwaiti goalkeeper, he sent his ball over the crossbar.

The Yemeni team tried to modify the result to get out with at least one point by pressing the Kuwaiti goal, and from a Kuwaiti attack, Fahd Al-Ajmi managed to score the second goal for his team in the 79th minute until the Jordanian referee whistled at the end of the match, which ended with the Kuwaiti youth winning two goals without a response and winning three points, while the Yemeni team did not get On any point, the Iraqi team leads the group with six points from two wins over Kuwait by three and Bahrain by four clean.

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