The young Yemeni “Al-Nazimi” celebrates the release of his first production “The Mirrors Celebration”


The young Yemeni poet, Ahmed Al-Nizami, celebrated the release of his first literary production, which bears the name “The Celebration of Mirrors”.
Al Nizami’s poetry collection was published by the Khalid bin Al-Walid Library for printing, publishing and distribution in Sana’a recently. It summarizes in its folds a variety of texts between the vertical text and fragments of the prose poem, which is a reflection of the mirrors of love, peace, pain, hope and the duality of the ego and the other.
The publication is the first for the poet Nizami, and it is located in 100 pages of medium pieces, and it boasts a painting by the plastic artist Radfan Al-Muhammadi.
The poet Al-Nizami is from the Bani Saad district of Al-Mahwit Governorate.

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