These are the ones who will turn the equation in Marib


Marib today is stronger and more capable of defeating the Persian enemy and the invaders coming from the caves.

Its army and security, its leadership and tribes, its resistance and its residents, are the ones who rely on them to impose the equation and restore the land and dignity.

Seven years and Ma’rib are being fought and killed, in every inch of a martyr and a wounded man, and at every turn, blood and tears.

Sacrifice is poured into a war that did not stop for an hour.

It is being fought in every direction, militarily and security… the battle of providing services to citizens, sheltering thousands of displaced people, and providing aid to the homeless who have sought refuge in them in search of life and freedom.

An economic battle with its complexities and harsh direct repercussions on the citizen and the fighter.

Marib stands tall and powerful in front of the invaders and agents, destroying their illusions and burying their attempts and ambitions.

You will remain the great pillar of Yemen and the hope of restoring his happiness and peace.

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