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Today’s stage does not require sleeping in the apricots, constantly failing and greedy leaders, talking about a homeland that is stolen and talking about a case that will be sold, and they talk about victory and they are the headlines of heavy defeats, but they attach their failure and mismanagement to fabricated riots from all sides.

The stage today lacks an inspiring leader who is close to the people, asks about them and shares their concerns and conditions, tells them from the heart, not from paper, about what concerns and preoccupies them, informs them about what is going on in secret about their country and their cause, how is the battle going..? What are the positive and negative elements? What are the ways to enhance the positives and combat the negatives? A leader who is held accountable does not compliment, takes the principle of reward and punishment.

We need a brave leader, not only with a rifle, but also with credibility and frankness in all matters relating to public affairs, a leader who, if he looks at the people, listens to his words and directives, convinced of his honesty, honor, integrity and love for his people and society. .

Finally, the country needs a leader who accounts for everything and gives everything its value, a leader who addresses the inside with what concerns him and the outside with what interests him, establishes relations and wins friendships for the benefit of his country and people, not for his whims, choices and convictions, a leader with advisors saying no and yes, no advisors from a herd cheering him full Their hardships, and they repeat what he said as postulates that do not accept fortune, while what is going on in an endless guile, without that, do not wait for the farmer, but wait for the continuation of the years of destitution and affliction in the full meaning of the word…

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