They claimed that they were prisoners..Exposing the reasons for the Houthis’ lament over the killing of a military company and their leaders in Hodeidah (Asmaa)


Field sources revealed the main reason that prompted the Houthi militia to lament about a Houthi military company and its leaders on the flaring fighting fronts in the coastal governorate of Hodeidah, western Yemen.

The sources told the Yemeni scene today, Wednesday, that the fighters of the National Resistance from the Tihamia Brigades and the Republic’s guards were able to carry out a successful detour operation and eliminate a Houthi company while violating the Stockholm Agreement.

The sources added that the Houthi company was completely exterminated, numbering more than 150 individuals, and that the Houthis only spoke about the clan elements.

The sources confirmed that the Houthis killed were from the Leader Jahaf Brigade, a senior dynastic element from Hajjah Governorate, including nine other leaders besides Jahaf.

According to the sources, the rest of the dead leaders are: Saeed Abdul Karim Ali al-Mahbash, Ramzi Khaled Qassem al-Mahbash, Adnan Dibwan al-Sharabi, Fadl Bahji Nakhli, Taha Muhammad Jaber Hindi, Youssef al-Hatami, Mazen Abdo Ahif, Hassan Muhammad al-Hasani, and Muhammad Abdullah al-Ahdal, and most of them are from the dynasty.

During the prisoner exchange deals with the legitimate government, the Houthi militia exchanges dynasty members only, without demanding the tribesmen, in light of a racist dynastic regime.

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