They kill the dead man and walk at his funeral..Houthi militia mourns a citizen after he was killed by a car run over by one of its supervisors


The Houthi militia carried out the funeral of a Yemeni citizen in a large ceremony, after he was run over by a crew of one of its supervisors.
Local sources said that the militias held a large funeral ceremony for Mujahid Ali Al-Mahdi (48 years), from the Hafash district of Al-Mahwit Governorate, as one of the dead on its fronts after he was killed by one of its supervisors.
The sources indicated that Al-Mahdi was run over by a crew led by a Houthi supervisor on the Bajil-Hodeidah road, on the day the militias celebrated the Prophet’s birthday.
The sources indicated that the militias carried out the funeral of the Mahdi, as he was one of their dead on the front lines, to hide the crime of killing him, and to acquit one of their supervisors involved in the run-over operation.

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