they made me frustrated


I was very sad because, for nearly two months, I have been trying to publish my book about our Sheikh, Judge Muhammad bin Ismail Al-Omrani – may God have mercy on him – and I could not.!

Imagine three months and I was almost free to write on the authority of the Sheikh of Islam, the scholar of media and the man of the first consensus in Yemen, after which I was unable to publish my book on him!

I sent the book to a number of printing and publishing houses inside and outside, and they all want to print it as a commercial edition at my expense, and they will distribute it in return for taking half the copies. Communicate with this role.

I sent copies of the book to some well-to-do personalities abroad to print it, and I do not want anything from them, not even a copy, but unfortunately I found nothing but promises from which nothing came true.!

Unfortunately, I was shocked and disappointed, as I expected that printing and publishing houses would race to print such a book, especially since it contains many unpublished stories and wonderful investigations that no one has preceded me in. And the important hadiths, as well as new and useful ones that deserve to be read and celebrated.

May God’s mercy deceive you, Sheikh, while you are in the stable of God’s mercy. I wish you knew how stingy your students and the failure of your lovers to print a book documenting your efforts and immortalizing your biography?!! .

This frustration made me refrain from continuing my writing on the Rasulid state in Yemen, even though it received a great welcome from the readers, and although I had resolved to reformulate the history of the Rasulid state and its civilizational and cognitive radiances in an interesting narrative style away from the dry historical narrative, but frustration attacked me as such projects It needs research studies institutions and centers that adopt it and the researcher devote himself to this task and enables him to obtain the required references. Unfortunately, I did not find any center or institution that adopts this project. I did not find even a Yemeni figure who loves their country and its bright history. He even offers me some books and paper references. The servant of God makes these efforts with an individual effort in The time of betrayal, the time of lashing the immoral and the inability to trust. God is sufficient for us and the best agent.

It is also sad that this betrayal shut down my appetite for writing and caused me frustration that only God knows, I am even thinking of quitting writing.
I hope to find someone who volunteers to revise the book linguistically, and I will write to him a thank you in the introduction to the book, because I offered his review to a linguistically capable academic to perform the task of proofreading, so he asked for $200 – the book is 277 pages – and he kept complaining about his circumstances until my heart ache as if I was missing them and a heartache?!!

If you find someone who will review the book linguistically, we will design a new cover for it that is better than the previous cover and produce it as a pdf in a suitable way and publish it on the internet for those who want to download it for free and make it available for printing on paper for whomever he wants. By his mercy and God’s help.

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